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Grand Rapids Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

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Sewer Problems

Your sewer system is one of the most important systems in your home. Don’t let a minor sewer problem turn into an expensive disaster. At Canfield Plumbing & Heating, our expert plumbing technicians are trained to handle any sewer repair or replacement you may need. We’re capable of resolving any sewer problems, with no job being too big or too small.

What causes main sewer lines to clog?
  • Tree roots
  • Damaged or cracked pipes
  • Discarding non-flushable items or other debris down the toilet
  • Sagging or dipping in the sewer lines

How do you know if your sewer line is clogged? Signs of a clogged sewer line include:

  • Frequent drain clogs
  • There are foul smells emitting from your toilets and drains
  • Wet spots in your yard
  • Sewage backing up in your toilet
  • Water is backing up in your showers, tubs or sinks
  • A decline in water pressure
  • Multiple drains on your property are slow to drain completely

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We take pride in providing exceptional quality services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to our hardworking neighbors. Our team of skilled technicians specializes in heating, cooling, plumbing, and drain cleaning services, and we’re here to ensure that your home or business is comfortable and functional, all year round.

How to Unclog a Main Sewer Line

The best way to unclog your sewer lines is to bring in a professional team of expert plumbers to perform a main sewer line cleaning. They will have the experience, tools, and equipment necessary to remove the clog and prevent any further damage to your sewer system. While you may be tempted to try to clear this issue yourself, we recommend calling a professional.

plumbing repair, plumbing installation, greater grand rapids area

For top-rated sewer repair or replacement, you can count on Canfield Plumbing & Heating. Call us at 616-897-0887 to schedule your sewer services today.