Some people want to conserve water in an effort to preserve this resource we ALL depend on. If that is not a motivator for you, then maybe saving money has more appeal to you. How about BOTH!

  • Turn off water when you brush your teeth and save four gallons a minute.
  • Choose new appliances with the Energy Star logo that signifies efficiency.
  • Wash the car at a car wash, where water is recycled.
  • Don’t run water over food to thaw it.
  • Avoid watering the lawn on windy days, and set a timer if your sprinkler is not automatic.
  • Check faucets to be sure each one has an aerator on it: The little mesh screen-like thing inside the spigot.
  • Soak dishes rather than working off stuck-on foods under running water.
  • Lather hands with the water off.